Wireless Intruder Burglar Alarm Installation in London

If we asked you if you have ever considered installing burglar alarm system you would probably think that we sound extremely pessimistic. Or that burglary is the kind of danger which does not concern you and your family. But, no matter how secure you feel inside your own house, you would probably agree that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you? 

Contrary to what many people think, being in possession of alarm installation is no longer a privilege of the rich or the elite, especially if you live in one of the biggest and the most unpredictable cities in the world, like London. According to the data of the city’s Metropolitan Police, only in 2015 the total number of residential burglaries in Great London area reached 44421. The same report also clearly demonstrates that there is no connection between the level of the affluence of the neighbourhood and the break-in rate. In other words, an extra attention and protection against intruders are highly recommended even if you live in a neighbourhood of London generally considered to be safe and peaceful.

Once you decide to install the alarm system you should decide on the exact type of it, above all if you want it to be wired or wireless. Technically speaking, two systems differ significantly when it comes to the means through which the trigger signal from the sensors is being transmitted to control units. In the case of wired alarm systems those means are, unsurprisingly, cables. The wireless intruder alarms, based on wireless means (such as radio, telephone lines or infrared) are definitely seen as the most efficient, versatile and innovative means against burglaries. There are some important reasons which make it clear why these devices are so popular and vastly praised.

First of all, wireless intruder alarms are very easy to install and do not require a visit of a professional team, which is a matter of necessity in case of wired alarms. Wireless intruder alarms can be installed by you and, accordingly, the following configuration of the device is absolutely user-friendly, which means that you can also set it up by yourself in no time. Such
a facility decreases significantly the costs of protecting your dwelling and allows you to immediately start enjoying the protection system. 

Secondly, and as a natural consequence of the previous advantage, with every house removal no particular process of reactivating the service is required, as the alarm system is easy transportable. Wireless intruder alarm consists of a battery-operated transmitter: a device which can be effortlessly relocated, which cannot be said about complex and costly, when it comes to installation, wired alarm systems. This feature is not to be underestimated, especially when you tend to change house frequently, rent your flat or simply travel a lot.

    Furthermore, one of the mostly appreciated features of wireless intruder alarm is its invisibility and lack of modifications introduced into your living space and house layout. You don’t have to worry about the installation of numerous cables or their interference with your everyday life. The few accessories of the wireless intruder alarm system, with their delicate design, are also elegantly elaborated in terms of aesthetics so that they can fit any interior without standing out. The idea behind the wireless intruder alarm is to protect you effectively and uninterruptedly, yet discreetly. 

    Also the principal purpose of alarm system, which is providing the unfailing protection, is performed in a more reliable way, due to the lack of a cable which potential burglars could cut in order to deactivate the security system. It is a common practice among the thieves and another factor you should take into consideration while choosing the alarm system.

    Finally, both the cost of the installation and maintenance of wireless alarm system is drastically lower than the process of installing the wired one. Such a difference derives not only from the lack of expenses connected with reorganising a space in your house (no need to restructure it) but also from the efficient and long-lasting capacities of the wireless device. 

    In the era of digitalised society, wireless intruder alarms are undoubtedly the most innovative devices in the field of home security. In the end, wireless connections are the technology of the future and there is no exaggeration in stating that such alarms will, in few years, totally replace the wired alarms, finally dominating the market of home surveillance and safety.

    Intruder wireless alarms are often addressed to the residential spaces in order to guarantee safety and comfort to the households and families, however there is no contraindication against using them in public spaces such as offices. 

    Living in a metropolis like London in the contemporary times when the web of organised crime is constantly growing and burglars still find new techniques to deprive us of our property urges us to revaluate our attitude towards the concept of safety. With just few simple steps and at affordable price we can increase our feeling of safety and achieve the peace of mind. Those values, we all agree, are priceless. Why not give it a try?