CCTV Cameras and security systems vs crime in London

Crime can have a devastating impact on people and businesses, and many people and businesses cite crime statistics as a key factor in choosing where they live or set up business. Crime statistics are readily available for London and all London boroughs and this means that many people are up to date with the latest statistics for crime in London.

With respect to burglaries in the London Borough of Merton​, the Met Office statistics indicate that there were a total of 1,681 burglaries in the 12 months leading to January 2015. In the 12 months leading to January of 2016, there were a total of 1,397 reported burglaries.

This represents a fall of 6%, which is positive news, but there are still a large number of burglaries taking place, with these statistics representing more than 4 cases per day in the one borough. These burglaries are split between residential and non-residential properties with residential properties being represented in around two thirds of the reported burglaries. The fall in total burglaries in the area over the past year is in line with a fall in the total number of burglaries reported in London over the same periods. In January 2015, there had been 74,879 burglaries in the previous 12 months and in January 2016, this figure had fallen to 70,356.

Installing CCTV cameras at your property can reduce the risk of crime

The fact that reported burglaries are falling is great news but people shouldn’t be blasé or take these totals for granted. In fact, the fall in these figures can be seen as a strong reason to invest in CCTV cameras. An increasing number of people are investing in security cameras​ and alarms at their property, and this is what is impacting on the fall in burglaries. It is not the fact that the police are becoming more effective or focused on stopping burglaries, there is no evidence to suggest this is the case. It is not the fact that burglars are less inclined to act; there is no evidence to suggest that there are fewer burglars looking to rob homes and take money or possessions.

Prevention is better than the cure

This means that it could be argued that the drop in these crime figures is due to the preventative benefits provided by the usage of CCTV, alarms and security cameras. If a burglar is scoping a property or commercial building, the presence of CCTV cameras is often enough to stop them in their tracks and convince them to move on to the next property. This is because they know that if they are captured by the cameras, there is an increased likelihood of them being caught, which means that the risk isn’t worth it.

Many burglaries are opportunist crimes and the addition of CCTV cameras reduces the opportunity that many burglars are looking for. Any homeowner or business owner looking to safeguard their property and possessions will find that investing in CCTV cameras will add a level of security to their property.