Why CCTV Cameras are deterrent

Full HD 1080p CCTV Installation In London

There are various reasons for someone to want a video security system (CCTV) installed. Planning a vacation? Wanting to keep an eye on your aging family members? Wanting to tightened security around your business? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your house security system and insure your children's safety. Those are just a few reasons why more and more people are having CCTV cameras installed in London

CCTV cameras in London

Research shows that there is 1.85m cameras across the UK. This is the equivalent of a camera for every 32 people in Britain. With different means of defense/security against crimes in general, it is only obvious that people will turn to security cameras. CCTV cameras are present everywhere, in school, private businesses, streets, subways, retirement homes and much more. This is not a surprise, with London being such a populated city, there is no way for the police to have eyes everywhere. Not only is it possible to install CCTV cameras everywhere, one thing cameras don't do is lie. Their recordings are hard proof of the incidents that took place. With CCTV installed everywhere in London, the police force can now distribute its man-power equally and in the regions where it is needed the most. This improves the security of everyone. Some people might complain about the “Big-Brother” image that London is quickly gaining, but it is well known that safety is a priority. The London Police crime statistics show a major drop in assaults, robberies, breaking & entering and theft crimes these past few years. There is one thing that those facts and the CCTV cameras have in common, they don't lie. 

The benefits of CCTV cameras

In this era of technologic advancement, is is only the norm to have Full HD 1080p CCTV cameras. It is the standard and people having the security system installed usually don't settle for less than HD 1080p. The high-definition can easily recognize license plates and small details, and this is what makes the difference between catching perpetrators and them getting away with their crime. 

Obviously, cameras are installed for security measures. Prominently installed CCTV cameras can deter bad behavior and avoid any incident. Just by its presence, the cameras already have a positive impact on your security. For your business, the constant monitoring of your staff will give you knowledge of possible improvements and with such data, increase the workers safety and reduce the risks of injuries. It also reduces the risk of vandalism and trespassing

Full HD 1080p: Capturing between 8 and 25 frames per second, it is the highest standard on the market. 
Internet Access: The wireless system lets you monitor every camera from anywhere in the world. On your computer (Mac/PC) and even on mobile platforms such as iPhone(iPad)/Android. 

Innert's Full HD 1080p CCTV cameras

Innert only offers the best service on the market. The Full HD 1080p CCTV camera Installation in London by Innert promises high-quality images that won't let any detail slip away. With the Internet Access feature, it will be possible for you to monitor all your cameras in the comfort of your own house or even on your mobile phone while you take a vacation on some beach situated on a warm and sunny island. 

With over 10 years of experience, you can rest assured that professionals will look over the installation of your CCTV cameras. Not only will you have the best of the best taking care of the installation, you will also be guaranteed a 2 years warranty on all equipment. 

There is no better time to get your own CCTV cameras installed​. With this technology accessible to everyone, it would be a foolish to put the safety of your business and the people around you at risk.