We got hundreds of happy customers coming back to us and saying thats their problems been sorted.

Over this period of time we have been witness of many differnt situations which got sorted by installing CCTV Cameras. 

Very often we got customers having a problem with theirs neighbours, owners don't trust theirs staff, parents want to be more assure about their kids being with nanny and many other different problems.

CCTV Cameras Installation is best solution.

Innert are modern security experts who specialise in CCTV installation in Wimbledon​.

Closed circuit television​ [CCTV] acts as a visual deterrent and provides us with constant surveillance, continuously monitoring a chosen area or building. It provides us with that extra level of security and peace of mind, which can make you feel safe whilst you are at home or whilst you are away. Many people are looking to protect their homes and businesses from break-ins, theft and property damage. Affordable and reliable CCTV installation in Wimbledon can be achieved by using Innert, a company that provide high-quality, full HD 1080p CCTV installation in Wimbledon for residential and commercial properties alike. What you get with Innert, a specialist in CCTV installation in Wimbledon. Professionally installed by our experienced security engineers enabling us to offer you a fast, professional and efficient service: an easy-to use system, 24/7 surveillance, the latest in technology, HD 1080p CCTV installation​ and maintenance, which captures 8-25 frames per second offering you unrivalled exceptional image quality in both night and day modes, the ability to capture, monitor and record activity in and around your premises, fully guaranteed with 2 years on-site warranty, Internet access, allowing you to monitor live from anywhere in the world via a free app installed onto your mobile phone, tablet, and/or laptop [PC and Mac] The option to connect your CCTV installation​ to your TV system allowing residents to access the cameras in full HD 1080p. Innert offers you a wide range of CCTV installation systems in Wimbledon​, from basic home or  business CCTV installations, to large and advanced security systems for commercial units, warehouses, factories, stadiums, restaurants, retail shops or any other preferred locale. Previous and current customers using our CCTV installation in Wimbledon​ have seen the benefits of our security systems, which are not only able to live monitor their premises but offer extra protection and peace of mind for in-house nannies, house keepers, and those left at home that might need some extra security such as the elderly or disabled, as well as for employees at work, horses in stables and/or boats in docks. The images captured from our CCTV installation systems offer exceptional clarity and detail in both night and day modes, with the ability to cover your properties even in complete darkness. We can also upgrade, repair and expand current CCTV installations in Wimbledon​​ with the latest HD 1080p​ technology. As well as offer temporary security systems for areas such as construction sites, with a time-lapse movie option and live mobile access.

Innert can offer you a FREE site survey with no obligation. One of our experienced security engineers will advise you on the CCTV installation options available for your preferred site, explain the features of modern CCTV installation in Wimbledon so that you can make an informed decision, provide a live equipment demonstration and an itemised quote for your consideration.

During the full HD CCTV installation in Wimbledon we will teach you, and anyone else you designate, how to use the new system, how to search and download the captured footage, and how to access your new security cameras remotely from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. We will also make any necessary improvements in camera positioning and configurations according to your requirements. We are a friendly security company, that is small enough to care about each individual customer and their needs, and large enough to handle any kind of project sent our way.

​You can view our video online to see first-hand the quality of the CCTV installation equipment that we provide, and see HD CCTV installation pictures in our gallery.

Most people associate CCTV cameras with police records present in numerous action films or TV series. This leads many of them to the conclusion that such a technology is used exclusively in the judiciary or criminal world. They also tend to perceive it as a facility characteristic to the lives of VIP's whose dwelling require a special surveillance and an additional control. 

The average resident of the city of London or Wimbledon is aware of presence of the cameras in public spaces which, with their number reaching 11.000 only within the tube network, cannot be ignored. However, while the usage of video surveillance is in fact extremely popular in urban spaces all over the world, to consider them to be its exclusive environment could not be further from the truth. 

The monitoring system mentioned above is called Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or, in simple words, video surveillance and, together with alarm systems, is one of the most commonly used methods of controlling private residences. Contrary to what you might think, this technology, despite is innovative character, is very easy to install, customize and use. 

    If you are living in Wimbledon area you should be aware of the fact that, out of the total number of crimes committed in this district, 11.26% are burglaries. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are the perfect defence against this type of crime, allowing you to feel peacefully about your property no matter how far from home you are at the moment. The popularity of this solution among the private individuals is confirmed by many statistics and derives from its numerous advantages.

    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitors your dwelling continuously and uninterruptedly, day and night. Accordingly, the CCTV installation in Wimbledon guarantees you
a priceless value: the feeling of security about your property at any time. The High Definition 1080p resolution of the camera does not require daylight in order to track the thieves or to archive any unfortunate situation occurring inside your property. It means that, even during the night and in the absolute darkness, you have a clear insight into what is happening in your house. It is also crucial to draw your attention to the difference between traditional CCTV videos and those recorded in high-definition resolution, the latter being of incomparably superior quality and currently is gradually replacing the analogue Closed Circuit Television.

    Another important feature of Closed Circuit Television is that, once installed, you have an access to its live transmission from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday with your family, you have a full control over your house. The only thing you need is a mobile device connected to the internet-it can be smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The application needed to download in order to enjoy this feature is user-friendly, easy and totally free.

    Closed Circuit Television systems are also priceless when it comes to solving criminal cases and, even though we hope it would never occur to you to benefit from that feature, you should definitely consider it as an additional value. High quality of videos registered not only prevents the crime from remaining undetected, but also makes them perfectly suitable to serve as the evidences in court cases. The records are capable to reconstruct the events with the precision of 8-25 frames per second. This can enable police to easily identify the burglar; the average storage of the recordings has a capacity of one month-long material. Not to mention the obvious fact that the presence of Closed Circuit Television camera is itself an excellent deterrent against breaking in.

    The CCTV Cameras installation in London is fast and its further use does not require any preparation due to the fact that it is very intuitive and easy to modify. With the development of this technology and its common character it is no longer an expensive facility. At an affordable price you can get into a possession of something absolutely priceless: the guarantee of yours and your family’s safety.

    However, there are also many other reasons why you might need a Closed Circuit Television camera. Equipping your residence with this apparatus allows you to be in control not only over your house, but your whole life in general. For instance, you can keep an eye on the new babysitter of your children. Or make sure that a disable relative is not at risk. CCTV hidden cameras​ are also a popular ways to monitor the employees efficiency at work. As you can see, the possibilities of application of this device are infinite and its installation can be easily adjusted to your specific needs or particular lifestyle.

    Finally, each Closed Circuit Television system can be connected to the house TV screen and broadcast the transmission from the camera as a separate channel. This characteristic is
a perfect option for those who prefer observing interiors of their house on a bigger screen while watching television.

    As you can see, in the contemporary world, video surveillance is not only an exclusive domain of the rich. With the constantly increasing crime rates it is now perceived as an irreplaceable element of our lives. If you want to introduce inner peace and convenience in your life, you should definitely acquire this facility.



Wide range of only professional equipment fully fited with 2 years on-site warranty.


No more hassle with wiring and decorations after installation, builded in dialers, GSM modules


Great idea to document building site construction from beginning of project to the end.

Extremely please with the job, highly would recommend Martin. When though the plans, with us,very helpful and professional, neat tidy and polite.


Awesome service!!!

Martin kitted out our 3 photography studios with CCTV! Great service and we have already caught out a client stealing an iPad which was returned 3 days later!! Thanks Martin Highly recommended!!!!


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