Wireless Alarm Installation

Wireless alarm installation thats great idea for already referbished homes, for people dont want to have any cables around theirs homes and want to protect theirself with professional and reliable alarm panel.

Visonic's PowerMax®Complete is an innovative all-in-one professional grade wireless security system for homes and small of ces. It provides a complete, modular solution for all aspects of security, safety and connectivity.

The PowerMax®Complete control panel introduces a new level of exibility, modularity and affordability to residential security. Security professionals and service providers can expand their offering to include comprehensive security and safety while keeping down total costs. And, homeowners can get an ideal system without paying for unneeded capabilities and upgrade the system as necessary.

Featuring multiple performance and con guration options, and the possibility to easily add internal communications modules for GSM, GPRS and/or Broadband IP* reporting channels, PowerMaxComplete enables service providers to fully meet customer needs regardless of the available communications infrastructure or future changes.

* All add-on communications modules need to be purchased separately. GPRS communication requires a GPRS enabled PowerMaxComplete control panel. The Broadband module is expected to become available in 2010. Please contact Visonic for more information. 

The residential security environment today is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when installers could be certain of a landline telephone line at every site. Gone are the days when consumers were satis ed with a one-size- ts-all approach to their security system communications.

Today, at any individual site, landline, GSM and IP communication can all exist, alone or in any combination. Moreover, the available communications options can rapidly change as technology and markets develop. With all these variables, security professionals need to be able to offer the optimal communications and backup options for the widest array of customers. And, they need to be able to update installed security solutions as infrastructure changes.

PowerMaxComplete provides everything needed to easily and cost-effectively meet homeowners' needs in today’s evolving communications environment. Modular and both Broadband IP and GSM/GPRS-ready, this all-in-one professional grade control panel enables professionals to offer a security system with the most suitable connectivity and security backup to ensure uninterrupted communication in case of a link failure or interference. Installation and future upgrades are quick and easy: even years after installation, the communications modules can be added or changed according to infrastructure availability. 

Today's homeowners want much more than a monitored security system. They want a system that can alert them – wherever they are, at home or away – in the event of burglary, re or ood, or a medical emergency involving a home-bound family member.

With Visonic's market-leading range of wireless accessories, PowerMaxComplete provides homeowners with a comprehensive blanket of security, safety and control covering all aspects of home protection – to safeguard everyone at home, as well as the building and contents. Security professionals can offer a full range of wireless accessories that work seamlessly with the PowerMaxComplete control panel to ensure timely detection and alert of virtually any kind of risk to the home and people in it. 

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